Monday, December 31, 2018

Looking back on 2018

It has been a long time since I have just made a regular post about what is going on here.  I mean, nothing crazy or anything, but I do use this blog as a journal to reflect back on, so I thought I had better make an update.  I do enjoy the memes though and I feel like you can kind of keep up reading those too sometimes.  Especially the Wednesday Medley because there is always that random question....I try to make that my weekly update.
I decided last winter that I was going to make this year about me and Josh.  My mom can be very demanding about wanting us to be at her house all of the time, that our needs do not get met.  So, I made doctor's in we got new regular doctors, I had my female exam, I had an eye exam, Josh had his wisdom teeth out, I had a mammogram and of course our dental visits.  My visit showed I have hypothyroidism.  I am on medicine for that, but have had blood drawn since and my thyroid was back to normal.  I am doing fine.  Josh was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.  This started in high school and this went on way to long.  He is now in counseling and on medication.  He has a long journey though and is still not feeling quite right I can tell.  He just seems sad and quiet a lot.  I try to get him out as much as I can.  It seems to help.  I am going to be taking him to all of his visits in the New Year, so that will give us more time together too.
We did get to go see Phantom of the Opera this year and we just saw Nutcracker.  Karl and I went to a baseball game and that was fun.  We also cleaned up our house and Karl worked hard on our yard.  It was a very productive year.  Our house had been neglected the last few years.
I was sick most of December...starting Thanksgiving...I was sick with some virus which afterwards produced a cough, but it wasn't awful.  I thought I was getting better and the week before Christmas my cough got really bad.  I went to the doctor and they said it was a sinus infection.  I am just finishing up my anti-biotics and starting to feel good again.  We got to spend Christmas with my mom and also with my husband's family, so Christmas was good.   I did go to the chiropractor last week too though because my back was hurting so bad.  It is also starting to feel better.  I pray I am completely better by the time I have to go back to work.  I have another week.  We go back January 7th.

My hope and prayer for 2019 is for our health to be good and for Josh to turn a corner and start feeling better with his mental health.  I usually think about the New Year and hope it will be a good year.  I know we will have trials though, so I am not even going to do that.  I am just going to take it day by day in the new year.  God will help us.  I would not want this year to be any different.  We have doctors now...I had not been in 15 years.  Josh is getting help and we did some really fun things.  I did a lot more I did not mention either.  I am thankful for this year and for all of the doctors that have helped us.  I do not foresee 2019 being so crazy with doctors like last year, but you never know.  I knew 2018 would be crazy...I planned it that way. is New Year's Eve.  We usually stay home and watch tv and stay with our dogs.  The people in our town set off fireworks and they scare our dogs, so I like to be here for them.  I have no resolutions, just to keep going to the doctor as our appointments come up.  I am feeling so much better today...not coughing and my back is much better, so I am going to do some light cleaning I think!  Have a great day!

**Update**  My mom just called and if you are a long time friend you know we used to take my dad to visit his brothers in Oklahoma.  Well, my dad's brother Joe is in a nursing home with alzheimer's now...same thing my dad and my Grandma passed away from and his Aunt Mildred had a heart attack last night and died.  So sad.  Josh was really close to them, he is going to be so sad.

Happy New Year!!!


  1. One day at a time is the best way to approach life most of the time! May God bless you all in 2019!!

  2. I am sorry your son has depression. I have that too although I never write about it on my blog. I have had it all of my life, I think. Just be there for him when he needs you; that's really all you can do. You seem very understanding so I am glad he has you on his side. Happy New Year to you; may 2019 bring you joy.


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