Saturday, December 1, 2018

Sunday Stealing- Art Historic

Classical: If you were an Olympian god, what would you be known for?  I will go with being like Athena/Minerva and say goddess of wisdom and learning since I am a teacher.

Byzantine: Do you prefer gold or silver accessories?  silver

Medieval: Are you religious?  yes

Gothic: What is your favourite historic building?  I do not have a favorite, but I love architecture.

Renaissance: Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt enlightened or changed?  yes

Baroque: Do you enjoy the finer things in life?  I guess I enjoy everything in life, the simple things too.  I do not prefer the finer things.

Rococo: Is your bedroom full or trinkets and pictures? If so, which pictures adorn your walls?  Just some decorative art/pictures.

Neoclassicism: If something came back into fashion, what do you hope it would be?  Maybe some old types of jewelry (antique), I do not know... so here is the thing...if I have something whether it is in style or not...I will wear it if I like it.

Romanticism: Do you often see things in a positive light?  yes, I will always look for the positive in something.

Pre-Raphaelite: Which book would you like to see turned into a film?  The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo.

Impressionism: Do you look for details or take everything in at once?  I take everything in at once at first...then I look at details.

Art Nouveau: When were you last at the theatre?  May, but I am going this month.

Surrealism: Why does the porcupine think it's a duck? He wanted to see if it was what it was a quacked up to be.

Pop Art: Do you enjoy pop culture?  some of it I suppose.

Contemporary: What did you do today?  We started working on cleaning our house back during the summer, but we did not finish, so we rented a dumpster and we are cleaning out our shed...which we did today.....we are also going to clean some rooms and my closet.  We also went to see drive thru Christmas lights.


  1. I had heard the title The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, but did not know the book. Looks like a good read; I ordered it from Amazon.

  2. Hi Lori, I have to check out that book too. Enjoyed all your answers. Especially the porcupine one. I couldn't think of an answer so I answered differently. LOL! Have a blessed day ahead my friend.

  3. Oh, drive-thru Christmas lights sound like fun. We have our grandson today so maybe we can find some later. He would enjoy that. Have a blessed Sunday and week ahead!

  4. I loved this: Surrealism: Why does the porcupine think it's a duck? He wanted to see if it was what it was a quacked up to be.

    A very different Sunday Stealing today that was fun to work through!! Wishing you a good week ahead!

  5. Fun answers! I loved that book, too, and have gifted it to all of my nieces & nephews.

  6. Wow! A dumpster full of stuff! I'm impressed! I have such a difficult time parting with my stuff/

  7. I liked your answer to the Baroque question. Decluttering is very freeing. We took bags of stuff to Goodwill a while back and it looks like we did very little, but it was really a great deal. We all tend to have too much stuff, especially if like me you've been settled in one place for 30 years. Too easy not to clean out the closets!


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