Saturday, December 8, 2018

Sunday Stealing- Dreamy

December logo stolen from Smellyann

favorite novel and author?  The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald

favorite perfume/scent?  I do not really wear perfume.  I wear lotion sometimes, scents that are light and clean.

coffee or tea?  tea

are you a cat or dog person?  dog!  I have 3 of them...Mandy, Molly and Meisha

which mythical creature would you transform into if you could?  unicorn

favorite time period?  all of them are so interesting.  I can't choose.

name 3 films that have changed your life and have shaped you into the person you are today.  I can't say a film has changed my life...that I can think of right now anyway.

diamonds or pearls?  diamonds

what’s your biggest dream?  just to be happy and healthy

dream destination?  I would love to see Europe

favorite fictional character?  not sure I have a favorite...I will think about it.

share a quote or passage that means something to you.  I live my live by this verse.

what’s your favorite plant/flower?  I love flowers and plants, I do not really have a favorite.

do you prefer the forest or the ocean? why?  I enjoy the peace of the forest and I have always lived near the forest, but I love the ocean too for the relaxation.  I love both.

what do you value most in people? honesty


  1. I'm planning a trip to Italy in 2020!

  2. I hope you get to see some of Europe. When I was your age, that was my pipe dream and I knew I would never be able to afford it, but when our kids were grown and Walt retired, we discovered we had enough discretionary money that we could travel. So don't give up hope!

  3. Different questions this week but I enjoyed reading your answers! Travel while you are young enough to enjoy it!!

  4. Happy Sunday Lori. I didn't do this one this week. I enjoyed all your answers. I hope some day you get to go to Europe. I've been to Italy (many parts) and stopped over Ireland. Alas no more traveling this week. Have a blessed evening my friend.

  5. Great answers, Lori, and fun to read! I couldn't think of any movie that had influenced my life to that degree, either. Have a blessed week!


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