Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saturday 9- Come and Knock on Our Door

Saturday 9: Come and Knock on Our Door (1976)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This week's song was the theme to Three's Company, a sitcom that ran for eight seasons. Were you a fan?  LOVED it!
2) The Three's Company theme was composed by Joe Raposo, who also wrote the theme to Sesame Street. Can you recall any of the lyrics to the Sesame Street song?  Yes, I can sing all of it.

3) The lyrics to this song invite you to "come and knock on our door." What's the last door you knocked on (or the most recent doorbell your rang)?  My mom's

4) Three's Company was about three roommates who live together platonically, sharing a two bedroom apartment. Tell us about a roommate who shared your living quarters.  I had a roommate named Julie in college, she is from Illinois.  We became fast friends.  She is super sweet and had a boyfriend from back home.  I was wild as a march hare in college (believe it or not), but we are still friends to this day.  She was my matron of honor in my wedding.
5) Each of the roommates has a profession: Jack is a cook, Chrissy is a secretary (aka administrative assistant) and Janet is a florist. When did you last buy flowers?  Mother's Day

6) They often meet their neighbor, Larry, at a nearby bar called The Regal Beagle. What's the name of the establishment where you most recently enjoyed an adult beverage? Vino Cellars at the Lake.  My friend had her baby shower at this place a few weeks ago and I had a little wine...not much, but enough to relax me.  I never drink anymore.  It is beautiful there, you had a nice view of the lake, just gorgeous.
7) Their meddling landlord was Mr. Roper. He was cheap, nosy, and very talented at fixing things around the building. How much are you like Mr. Roper? Are you frugal? Nosy? A handy do-it-yourselfer?  I wish I were frugal, but I am not and I am definitely not handy.  I may be a little nosy....not like Mr. Roper though, he was so funny.

8) Three's Company was controversial again, more than 15 years after it ceased production. In March 2001, Nick at Nite re-edited an episode after a viewer called, alerting the network that a bit too much of John Ritter was visible in his blue boxer shorts. Have you ever called, emailed or written to, a TV station to complain?  no

9) Random question -
- Is the screen on your cellphone cracked?  no


  1. Here on Cape Cod there are a number of wineries here on the Cape, one is in the next town over.

  2. Good answers to some different but fun questions this week!!

  3. The winery sounds lovely! Enjoyed your answers

  4. I love where you said you knock before entering your mom's home!
    Tom's DIL's father just walks right in their house anytime he pleases; I think that's SO rude.

  5. I love thinking of you being a wild child! :)


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