Monday, July 15, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme- Dream Time ~ Have You Ever...
Dream Time ~ Have You Ever...

1.   Danced At A Ball?  no

2.   Flown A Kite?  yes, my dad would help me fly a kite when I was a kid.  We also  made kites and flew them at the preschool many years ago.

3.   Strolled Hand In Hand Along The Seashore?  no, I went to the beach with my sisters-in-law.  We did walk on the beach, just not hand in hand...hee, hee

4.   Sat On A Park Bench People Watching?  yes, when Josh was little I would watch him and the other kids play.


  1. Ok head to a beach and grab your hubs hand! LOL Loved your answers!! Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Enjoyed reading your answers! Have a great Tuesday! <3

  3. Yes. Kites are great father - daughter projects.

  4. You need to put a hand-in-hand walk on the beach with your sweetie on your bucket list. Nothing nicer!!

  5. I will have to try flying a kite again. Never got into it!
    You must walk on the beach hand in hand! :)


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