Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Wednesday Medley- INDEPENDENCE DAY – July 4

Independence Day July 4


1.  Please share a favorite July 4th memory with us.  Our church used to hold an annual fireworks display and our church choir would sing patriotic husband and I were in the choir.  It was a huge event and got bigger and bigger every year.  They even had a stealth fly over one year.  There were games for the kids and food stands, but it was totally free to get in and you could bring coolers with food and drinks, just no alcohol.  The symphony played along with the choir and the fireworks were orchestrated with the music.  It must have been too much work, after about 10 years of doing it, the church stopped.  I do not think it was because of the cost because a lot of things were donated.  It sure was fun though and I miss going to it.  It was a huge community outreach.
2.  How do you plan to spend tomorrow?  If you are working, will you celebrate later?  I am off all summer (teacher), but we usually stay at our house so our dogs are not completely freaked out by the noise.  There are several fireworks displays happening, but I doubt we go...we shall see.
3.  Is there a favorite food always reserved for your 4th of July celebration?  We grill hotdogs and hamburgers.
4.  In Florida, you can buy all kinds of fireworks, including some that fly high and burst into pretty cascades.  Are fireworks legal in your state/community and does anyone you know put on a display for your neighborhood?  I live in a small community, so fireworks are legal here and you can set them off anytime, but not in the city.  There are some displays near us.
5.  Do you have a favorite movie that you always watch sometime during the 4th of July?  not really, but I am hoping to read about some, maybe I will get some inspiration.
6.  Share something from your week, please.  Next Friday my nephew Dalton is getting married, so yesterday I went shopping and got my outfit I will wear and new shoes and jewelry.  I went to Dress Barn and they helped me find something cute for my body isn't easy.  I also got some cute shirts for work or anytime.  I finished my Fannie Flagg book and I have started reading The Secret To Hummingbird Cake by Celeste Fletcher McHale.  I have not read for enjoyment in many years and I am loving it.  I am about half way through this book and it is fantastic!  It is about 3 best friends from Louisiana.  It is about their friendship, trials in relationships and life.  It is a good one, I will read this one fast.  I am always looking for a good read if you want to share one!  This one was recommended by one of my blogging pals!


  1. Thanks for stopping by, smiles. I hope you have a lovely July 4, smiles.

  2. Hope you all have a great July 4th. Our weather here is supposed to be rainy, so we will celebrate simple.

  3. What an awesome outreach your church did... bummer that it doesn't still go on! Have a great 4th!!

  4. Your book looks good! I will have to check that one out!

    Dress Barn is great ... that's where I found my "mother of the bride" dresses too!

    Have a glorious 4th!

  5. Wow...that certainly was some event your church put on for so long! It sounded like a wonderful thing to be a part of! I hope you enjoy your Independence Day!

  6. I guess the 4th got to be too much work. Sad they stopped. I hope your 4th is wonderful.

  7. Your church must be huge to be able to pull off a big event like that for 10 years! Wow!! Too bad they decided to stop. I'm sure it was lots of work and probably cost more than anyone would think. Wishing you a happy 4th, however you decide to spend it!

    1. Oh yes a very large church....James River Assembly...I love America event if you want to look it up (google). It was awesome. It went on for 14 years.

  8. What an amazing church y'all belong to! Precious memories, for sure. I love you're being such a good doggie mother when things go 'boom' in the night. Please, share a picture of yourself in your new outfit at the wedding!

  9. That book does sound good! And I'm with you - watching for a good patriotic movie suggestion :)

  10. That book sounds lovely!
    a Summer wedding - always fun!!! We were just talking at work about all the Dress Barns that are shutting down!!! While I love me some Amazon, its sad to see all the brick & mortar stores closing down

  11. Oh my goodness! I've been looking for something new to read and YOU have just tipped me off on what it should be! I love hummingbird cake (it's my favorite) and can't imagine how it will be woven into a book. From the title, I expect to find belles with impeccable manners, own a deviled egg tray, and can whip up a batch of cheese straws without batting an eye! Count me in!


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