Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tuesday 4 Meme- Weather or Not...


Weather or Not...

Welcome once again to Tuesday 4 begun by Toni Taddeo and kept alive in her memory.
Let's discuss the weather...

1. Spring is here. What do you like or dislike about it weather wise?  I like how in the
Spring it starts to warm up and flowers and trees begin to bloom.

2. How do you fare in humidity? Do you fade or come alive ?  I fade.  I have a hard time
breathing.  The humidity in Missouri is really high.

3. Do rainy days bother you or are you happy for an occasional break from the sunshine?
I am going to say they do kind of bother me.  I love rain and I embrace it because the plants 
and animals need it, but rain makes me sleepy and makes the kids crazy at school.

4. In your opinion, what is the best thing about each season?
Spring-  it starts to warm up and flowers and trees begin to bloom.
Summer-  I enjoy the heat and we are able to swim and get tan.  I am typically home
in the summer, so I enjoy family time or quiet time reading.
Fall-  I LOVE the colors, holidays and the temperatures in the fall.  Fall is my favorite
to decorate for.
Winter-  there is something magical about watching snow fall.  I feel that way because
we do not get tons of snow.


  1. I have only seen snow fall a couple of times and it is magical. We both love fall colors and decorating!

  2. Hi Lori:
    Love your answers, especially the 4 seasons.
    Have A Happy Day!

  3. Loved your answers. Sounds like you live in a pretty moderate part of the country...a good blend of all seasons. Yes, humidity can be brutal, especially here in Florida where we live, but thank the Lord for air conditioning! I remember life before AC, and it was brutal! Have a blessed and beautiful spring day!

  4. Fall is my all time fave... Summer is right behind. Love all your answers! Happy Tuesday!

  5. I agree with you on the seasons. It's pretty similar here in Ohio.

  6. I love the season change but I dont see much of it in Louisiana - just Heat and Rain

  7. Absolutely loved your answers, Lori! Is it often humid in Missouri? Wishing you a blessed week.

    1. Yes, we have a lot of humidity here in Missouri. Summer can be hard, but I love summer, so I make it work. :)

  8. Again, like you, I love the seasons. I need the seaonal changes. I couldnt bare a non snowy winter., We just about had one this last winter, although I suppose I need to consider Hubs who hates to shovel, but I tell him just let it melt! It does quicker than we want it too!

  9. Yes, Spring is so pretty. Humidity is not fun! I feel lazy on rainy days.

  10. I love fall colors also. Yeah, I relate to the humidity.. just too much sometimes.

  11. I enjoyed your answers! Always fun! xo


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