Friday, January 27, 2023

Saturday 9: On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe


On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe

Saturday 9: On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe (1946)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) In this song, Judy Garland sings about the train whistle and wheels. What sounds make you happy?  favorite songs, I also like train whistles, birds singing, Josh's voice.  
2) She tells us that, since she loves dreaming of train travel, she must have "a little gypsy in her heart." How about you? Do you often dream of visiting faraway places?  I would love to travel, but my husband never wants to travel.

3) Judy sings about a future when she's "old and gray and settled down." At what age do you consider a person is old?  The age I consider a person to be old gets older as I do.

4) This song is from the movie, The Harvey Girls. Filming was a time of stress for Judy. She was appearing before the cameras by day (she sprained her ankle in a scene where slips down a hill), recording the soundtrack by night, and dealing with lawyers regarding her divorce from composer David Rose. Yet watching the movie, none of the tension shows. Do you work well under pressure?  I think I do.

5) Judy relaxed on the set by knitting and would make blankets and caps for the children of crew members. Do you knit?  no, I wish I did.
6) Judy admitted she had a problem with tardiness. Do you strive to be prompt?  I always try to be early.
7) In 1946, when this song was on the radio, cigarette cases were very popular. Since these metal cases were standard issue in the Army during WWII, many soldiers got into the habit of using them and continued to after the war ended. Women often carried fabric or leather cigarette cases that closed with a clasp like a coin purse. In the 1940s, elegant cigarette cases were a fashionable gift but today, they are largely forgotten. Did you ever carry one? Do you know anyone who did?  I have never smoked.  My mom smoked and had one of these cases, but I always hated the smell so much, I never even wanted to try smoking.  The smell still makes me sick.  My mom smoked a lot.  She finally did quit when Josh was born.
8) Also in 1946, bikinis appeared for the first time on runways in Paris. How often did you don swimwear during 2022?  zero times.  I had a pool for a long time, but do not have it anymore.  I haven't been out in a swimsuit in a long time.

9) Random question: Thinking of your past romantic involvements, were you truly in love with one of them, some of them, or all of them?  Probably two.


  1. I agree on the old age thing...the older I get, old age goes up too. lol

  2. #4 Yup it is a moving target.
    #7 One of the best things that the state did was ban smoking in public places. I used to come home at night reeking of smoke and I never smoked.
    #8 I have a town beach at the end of the road and I was there only twice all summer.

  3. No swimsuits for me either....and always early too. And #3....I'm right there with you on that one!:)

  4. I think as teachers we constantly work under pressure!

  5. I have noticed, too, that "old" gets further along in age as I age.

  6. Yeah, age is relative to your view of things.

  7. We answered #3 about the same! Another fun meme! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  8. Your comment about how old is old pretty much is how I've always felt...until now, as I approach 80!

  9. I hate smoking! I can't stand the smell. Thankfully with all the Calif laws against it, I rarely smell it. I am trying to think if my grandma had one of those little purses. Good that your mom stopped when Josh was born.

  10. #3 ... oh yes! that happens to most of us. lol And I don't like smoking at all. My mother smoked and we grew up with smoke floating around us all the time in the house. gah! Glad your Mom quit. And, I'd love to have a time when the Sat 9 knitters could get together and help you learn to knit. Have a lovely week coming up.


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