Friday, April 12, 2019

Saturday 9- April Love

April Love (1957). Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here. 

1) In this song, Pat Boone sings that April love is a wonder reserved for the very young. Do you think the sensation of falling in love changes as we grow older?  I don't think so, I think we are smarter about it, but I think if I were going through that again it would feel the same.

2) "April Love" reached #1 on the charts. Between this song and "Love Letters in the Sand," Pat Boone had a career year. Only one artist sold more records in 1957: Elvis Presley. When you think of Elvis, what's the first song that comes to mind?  Jailhouse Rock
3) Pat was extremely busy in high school. He wrote for the school paper, ran track, and acted in school plays. Share a memory of your extracurricular activities during high school.  I was a varsity cheerleader and in student council.  I was also in choir and choraliers (song and dance group) memories are coming to mind.  I did have fun in high school, but I cannot recall a fun memory right now.  The cheerleaders did teach me how to apply make-up and I think that is where my love for make-up came from.  My mom and dad did not want me wearing make-up for a long time, so I had no access to any make-up.

4) It was his track coach who introduced Pat to the new girl in school, Shirley Foley. Three years later Pat and Shirley married, and remained man and wife for 65 years, until her death earlier this year. Who is the longest married couple you know?  I really do not pay attention, but I remember my mom telling everyone that she and my dad were married 52 years when he died and their anniversary would have been this month.
5) Pat has lived in the same house for more than 60 years. He once received an offer to sell it for $18,000,000 but turned it down because it's the Boone family home and he simply doesn't want to leave. Do you plan on moving in the foreseeable future?  no

6) Pat has a warm friendship with his neighbors, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. Pat has mentioned in interviews that he has enjoyed bike rides around Beverly Hills with Sharon. Tell us about one of your neighbors.  We had a neighbor with the nickname of Pickle that lived right next to us when we first got married.  He was the nicest man you could ever meet, but he died shortly after we got married and no one is currently living in his house.  We also had a sweet lady across the street named Pauline that I loved and visited.  She was older and passed many years ago too. 

7) Mr. Boone was very critical of Barack Obama, enthusiastically supports Donald Trump, and has appeared on Fox News to express his views. How do you feel about celebrities talking politics?  I wish they would keep their opinions to themselves.  I don't care what they think.  They are entertainers and should not use their platform to talk politics on tv.  This has caused me to change the channel so many times.  I do not respect their opinion most of the time anyway.  They do not even live in reality.  I do however support them getting behind their cause like normal people and going to rallies or supporting candidates, etc.

8) In 1957, the year this song was popular, Dr. Ian Donald pioneered the use of ultrasound technology. Today ultrasounds are commonly used by doctors in diagnosing conditions affecting the eyes, blood vessels, kidneys, gall bladder and more. Have you ever had an ultrasound?  Yes when I was pregnant and also when I was having gallbladder problems they could see I had gall stones with the ultrasound.

9) Random question: You're sitting alone in a restaurant, waiting for a friend. The waiter brings you a drink and the compliments of a member of the opposite sex seated at the bar. What's your reaction? Are you flattered, shocked, embarrassed, intrigued or annoyed?  I think I would feel all of those emotions except annoyed.  I don't think that would happen though.


  1. Enjoyed your answers. The only thing about celebrities that bothers me is they have a large audience to influence.Still I suppose they also have a right to speak out.. hard to say. You got it right that they don't live in reality. Thats for sure.
    Hope your Saturday is special :)

  2. Good morning friend! I agree with you on #7 100%! Loved your answers!! Have a great Saturday!

  3. I also like your answer for #7
    Being entertainers or athletes doesn't give them any special insight.

  4. Lori, I enjoyed your answers! You gave a few of them more thought than I did! Happy weekend!

  5. You are so right. They haven't a clue about reality living in la-la land. But I would never trade places with them. You reminded me that I sang at school in the glee club. I loved it. #9 so funny.

  6. Those gallstones are no fun, are they.

  7. Always such fun to read everyone's answers and I loved that cheerleading opened the door to makeup for you. How cute!


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