Monday, April 15, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme- This Holiday Week
This Holiday Week

1.   What are your Easter or Passover Traditions?  We go to church Sunday morning.  When Josh was little we would do Easter egg hunting and Easter baskets.   Then of course we have Easter dinner.  I always felt like people should have the next day off.  Easter is so busy and you can't completely enjoy it having to work the next day.  It was great when I was a stay at home mom.

2.   What is your favorite Dish for this Holiday? We usually have ham, mashed potatoes and ham gravy, hot rolls, green beans, deviled eggs.  Much the same as Christmas dinner.  My mom usually makes some crazy Easter cake.  It is different every year.

3.   Do You Go to Mass, Service or Church? church

4.   Do you spend The Holiday at Home, on Vacation, or with Family
?usually with family, but this year we are doing something different.  We are going to St. Louis to see a St. Louis Cardinals game.  We are going Saturday, so we will probably still see church online and probably not make a huge Easter dinner, just something normal and I will do laundry and get ready to go back to work.


  1. Hi Lori, What fun to spend Easter at your favorite team's game. Wish I could do that, oh well.. Hope the Cards win for you. Have a blessed Holy week and Easter dear friend. Hugs

  2. Have fun the game!! Your dinner is my favorite as well... but being married to an Italian they have to ALWAYS have gets old! Have a great Tuesday!!

  3. YUM! Dinner sounds awesome... be safe on your travels and have a marelous day!

  4. I am making ham, but keeping it simple with store-bought potato salad and I'll make baked beans, deviled eggs. Neighbors are bringing a pickle plate and dessert so it will be easy this year, for six of us around the table. I always do an Easter basket for our Easter guests!

  5. Mets are at 10 - 6; Cardinals are 9 - 7. Should be a good game.


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