Friday, December 25, 2020

Saturday 9- Purple Snowflakes


Purple Snowflakes

This is the last Saturday 9 of 2020. Thanks for participating!

Saturday 9: Purple Snowflakes (2018)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) The lyrics ask where the snowflakes go. Sam can answer that: she shovels them! Do you shovel or use a snow blower? Or do you live in a warmer climate with no snow?   We have both, I like to shovel and Karl uses the snow blower.
2) This week's artist, John Legend, recalls his Christmases growing up, singing carols with his family around the piano. Do you have a piano, or any other musical instruments, in your home?  no

3) This song is from John Legend's first Christmas album, A Legendary Christmas. It was a massive hit. Did you add any new music to your holiday collection this year?  no

4) John and his wife Chrissy Teigen go caroling with friends. Have you ever gone caroling through your neighborhood?  no, but I would love it.  We used to carol at school, we would sing Christmas carols in French, it was French class.

5) Chrissy's hobby is cooking. While she likes experimenting with new recipes, her young children prefer their familiar favorites, like mashed potatoes. She tosses a bay leaf into the water as the potatoes boil to add enhance the flavor. Do you have a dish that's considered your specialty?  not really, I enjoy making lasagna and cheesy burritos the most though.

6) John prefers to unwind with a good book and loves comparing reading recommendations with friends. Did you discover any books in 2020 that you'd like to recommend to our Sat 9ers?  Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell (thriller), One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus(Young Adult Fiction), The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes(Historical Fiction), The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides(thriller), Educated by Tara Westover(Memoir), Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate (historical Fiction), Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens (fiction) and Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng (fiction).   I have a couple on my list that I think will be good Anxious People by Fredrik Backman (fiction) and The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett (historical fiction) and The Midnight Library by Matt Haig (fiction).

7) This song was written by Motown powerhouse Marvin Gaye. Who is your favorite Motown artist?  Maybe Michael Jackson or Lionel Richie

8) In 1972, Marvin wrote another Christmas song, "I Want to Come Home for Christmas." He dedicated it to the troops then serving in Vietnam. Do you know anyone who is protecting us this holiday season? Tell us about him or her. Whether they are in the armed forces, the police or fire department, or the ER, we want to say thank you!  My niece is an RN working in the hospital in Springfield...she is typically in labor and delivery, but lately has been in the covid unit.  It is getting bad and they are having to move staff around.  Here she is in her work outfit.

9) Random question: You go into the kitchen to make your perfect sandwich. What fixings do you need?  Lately my favorite sandwich is tuna, so tuna, bread, a boiled egg and mayo.  Now that is what I want to eat.

Merry Christmas!


  1. First of all, I changed #4 after it had been up for a while. I remembered that we have a Jewish Sat 9er and I didn't want any questions that she couldn't participate in. All that said ... I bet carols sung in French were really beautiful!

    You recommended so many books! I've only heard wonderful things about "Crawdads." I think I should add it to my TBR list.

  2. Whoa...great list of books to check out! I already have "Before We Were Yours" on my list from when you wrote about it. It's so true...So many books, so little time!! I have such a pile of books to read and I'm always wanting more. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I am not a fan of tuna (grin). I hope you have a beautiful day, Lori. smiles

  4. I used to love tuna, but then I developed a fish allergy and I've been afraid to eat it. The allergy seems to be mostly shellfish but it's not something I want to take a chance with. I thought When the Crawdads Sing was overrated, but it wasn't a bad book. Hope you had a great Christmas and now this year is coming to a close! Hurrah!

  5. I'm looking for a new book to read, and I love historical fiction, so I'm going to check some of these out. Thanks for the list!

  6. Thank your niece for me for being there for those in need. <3
    Lasagna, hmm... I haven't made that in a long time. Maybe it is time to dust off the lasagna pan.

  7. It's a family tradition to gather around the piano at my dad's to sing carols. I missed it so much this year.

  8. I love tuna and usually order that from Subway when we get subs there. Joe doesn't like tuna so I rarely open a can of it here at home. I enjoyed your answers, Lori!!

  9. you know from personal experience that covid is real, not made up or overblown or a bid for making money by doctors. I am appalled by the people who say that... how stupid. I'm glad you showed your niece working to save people.

  10. Lori,

    I don't remember "Purple Snowflakes", so I'll listen to it while I respond with my answers here this morning.

    1.Thankfully, we don't get much snow but when we do then either Mother Nature clears it or if she's not fast enough, then we shovel it.
    2.Yes, my flute and an electric piano. Neither get used.
    3. Yes, DH bought for the Doc Severinson and The Tonight Orchestra Christmas Album from iTunes.
    4. I've been Christmas caroling a few times as a kid and teenager. It was fun but often too cold for me.
    5. At one time, I think it was my meatloaf that everyone loved. The trick to making it special was I added cheddar cheese. Yum! I haven't made it in years. I guess I need to do that!
    6. Unfortunately not being big into reading I do not have any book titles to recommend.
    7. The first Motown artist that comes to mind is Diana Ross & the Supremes. I really liked them when I was little but there were a ton of other good Motown greats!
    8. My niece is also a RN. She and her family are constantly at risk with this virus but God is keeping guard of them. She's an amazing young woman who worked hard to get her degree as a mother of three boys and wife. I'm very proud of her.
    9. I don't have a perfect sandwich. I'd be happy with ever I can find in my refrigerator I suppose. lol

    It was nice to read your responses. I hope the rest of the year is kind to you and that 2021 is a fabulous year for you!


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