Saturday, December 12, 2020

Sunday Stealing- COVID questions


COVID questions




1. Day 1 of serious isolation behavior:
I am not sure how to answer this, but I am assuming it means what were some
of the behaviors I experienced during isolation?  I could not concentrate at all.
 I would try to read and I did not know what was going on in the story and had
 to stop.  I watched a lot of covid coverage.  That lasted a little while and then I
was able to read and carry on in peace.

2. First trip you had to cancel.  I haven't had to cancel any trips.

3. Other trips canceled    none, we do not go anywhere.
4. Last trip out of town before isolation.   St. Louis to see a baseball game
I guess.

5. Farthest from home since isolation.  to the doctor about 30 minutes away.

6. Last Meal sitting in a restaurant before Isolation.   I do not remember

7. How many books have you read? 71

8. First event you didn’t attend due to virus.  The first canceled event was a woman's
Christian conference I always go to with my co-workers.  The first event that was
not canceled was my huband's family Christmas.  He is there now.  I am trying not
to get sick.

9. Date and event of last over 200-person event.  January 25th, 2020-  Les Miserables

10. Last live music event.  Les Miserables

11. Things you are eating more of since isolation.  salad, only because I eat those at work.

12. Things you are eating less of since isolation.  nothing really.

13. What restaurants have you gotten take-out meals from?  Tequila's (Mexican),
Five Spice (Chinese) and Applebees.

14. Have you found yourself bored in isolation?  not at all, I can entertain myself by reading,
watching movies or visiting with family.

15. Have you gained or lost weight?  nope and I worked out when I was home.

16. Do you drink alcohol?  no

17. If so, more or less in isolation? N/A

18. What entertainments have you explored?   MO Books to go...when the libraries closed
I freaked out. I heard about the online platform and checked out several from there.  It  is 
something I have continued even though our library is open.  I use both now.

19. Gotten into anything new?  Audiobooks, I had never listened to one before the pandemic.
 I love them.

20. Have you done crosswords? Board bames?  Jigsaw puzzles?  not really...just with the kids
at school.

21. Have you cleaned out some cabinet, drawer, closet, etc. thoroughly?  yes!

22. Are you spending about the same amount of money?  Maybe a little more since I am buying
online and paying for shipping.

23. Done Zoom, Facetime, etc. meetups?  Zoom meetings 

24. Had a social occasion with a small group of people you consider safe?  Thanksgiving
with my mom and Karl, Josh and myself.  We did not get sick.

25. Did you vote? In Person? On Election Day?  I voted in person on election day.  Everyone was
masked and I felt safe.  I did not get sick.


  1. 71-That is a lot of books! Audio books I cannot do-they put me to sleep quicker than a carride does a baby :0) good reading.

  2. this point, that is the plan; not getting sick (although I have already had Covid in spring of 2019 BEFORE anyone knew what it was). I hope you have a beautiful day, Lori. smiles.

  3. Not getting sick is the hope, isn't it. I love audiobooks, too.

  4. Good answers, Lori. I decided to pass on this today. I'm just tired of even thinking about the pandemic. We are doing our best to be safe and careful!

  5. What audio books have you listened to? I love audio books too.

    1. The Giver of Stars, The Silent Sister, His & Hers, Christmas Bliss, The Wife Between Us, Sometimes I Lie, Then She was Gone, One of Us is Lying, The Silent Patient, Crazy Rich Asians, Before We Were Yours....these are some of my favorites that I listened to.

  6. great answers :) love online reading capabilities

  7. Nice answers! I wish I could get into audiobooks, but I read so fast and I find them to be read slower. I am really bummed that our little library closed permanently. I really don't want to pay $50 for a non-resident card at the moment. I guess I will just stick to my Kindle Unlimited through Amazon for now. At least I am getting to read! 🙂

  8. 71 books is impressive. I have toyed with the idea of listening to an audio book. I am not sure I would like them though.




  9. Good not to get sick. I rarely get sick so I was surprised when I got a fever. Kaiser had me take two test and both were negative. They think I got a flu from one of the younger grands who go to school. I have never heard an audio book and may try it. Tammy is posting again.

  10. Hi, Lori! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Since you were there while I was defending my dissertation proposal, I thought I would stop by to let you know that I passed! So now I start on my research. I hope you are doing well. Hugs!!


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