Saturday, May 15, 2021

Sunday Stealing- Days of Gratitude


Days of Gratitude


1. Name something in the room you are grateful for. My husband. It is Friday
 night, we are watching a St. Louis Cardinals game.

2. Recall a favorite memory you are grateful for My favorite memories are of our
vacations and just spending time relaxing and having fun together.

3. Who helped you today?  Today I taught 3rd grade and I was thankful for the
kids that helped me through the day.

4. What possession makes your life easier?  Probably my phone.

5. What’s the best thing that happened today?  I got to spend the day with a
class that I usually do not get to be with.  I love getting to know the kids. 
I am mostly with 4th grade for digital literacy.

6. Name something in nature that you are grateful for.  Animals, flowers, the sun.
I can just sit outside and be in awe of the beauty.

7. What painful experience helped you grow?  I have done a lot of things this
year at school that were new to me, I think it helped me grow as a teacher
and definitely showed me I am capable of doing more than I thought I could.

8. What is your best skill?  Relationships.  I am shy and I feel like I am hard to
get to know, but I also feel like people really like to talk to me.  I like to listen
to people.  I think a lot of people just want to be heard.  I am good at that.

9. What person in your past are you most grateful for?  I am grateful for every
person that has some kind of influence on my life.  They made me who I am.
If I was friends with a jerk, I learned how to not treat people.  I have met great
people and that showed me how I need to treat people.  I learned a lot 
from my dad about just being the best version of myself I can be and to be
happy with that and realize I have done my best.

10. What risk are you most grateful for taking?  Going back to college to be
a teacher.

11. Name something/someone that makes you feel safe.  My dad always made
me feel safe.

12. Name a challenge you have overcome.  I am doing better about talking
to people with confidence.

13. What small things are you grateful for today?  I got to see my mom and the
weather was sunny and beautiful today.

14. What smell are you most grateful for?  I am not sure if I am grateful for a scent.
I enjoy all the smells of fall, but also flowers.  I enjoy smelling nice things.

15. What is your proudest accomplishment  My son Josh.


  1. It's nice to be a person who is a good listener!

  2. #8 I can most relate too, grin. Like I was telling my husband the other day, it sure seems I am my employers "bartender". lol

    Have a beautiful Sunday, my friend.

  3. You have such a great attitude, Lori. My husband is in his last year of his elementary education degree--he can't wait to get out there and teach!

  4. Lovely answers, Lori! I am sure you are one of those teachers the kids will always remember because you listen to them! xo

  5. You're right. People just want to be heard. Not much listening going on these days, so that makes you a gem.

  6. I'm shy too but people who meet me don't believe me. I just talk to people these days.




  7. Hi Lori, I feel the same way about people. You learn something from everyone - good and bad. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Hugs

  8. I enjoyed reading your post and feel like I am getting to know you better with each post. I can imagine school is keeping you quite busy these days, but that should be over soon? How long does your school go? Of course, nothing has been normal this past year, and my hat is off to you for your skills and perseverance. I am sure your students have been blessed to have you for their teacher. I hope you have a good week. Summer is coming soon!!!


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