Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Tuesday 4 Meme- So Tell Me....


This week's questions come from Sparky! I hope you enjoy doing them.
Let's talk about you .....

So Tell Me....

1. Music. What kind of music do you enjoy? Are you musical?  I enjoy
a lot of kinds of music, but when I am in the car, my radio is typically
tuned into 80's music.  I played flute in jr. high and I was able to play
piano, but just by ear.  I have no formal training and I am not good.  I
also sang in choirs for many years.  I love to sing.

2. Travel. Where have we been? What's your favorite destination(s)?  We have
been to Florida to Disney World, Orange Beach and San Antonio.  My family lived
in Oklahoma, so we have been there a lot and Arkansas is close.  I lived in Kansas
for a short time, the Kansas side of Kansas City.  My favorite travel destination 
was Orange Beach, AL.  I enjoyed the ocean front condo we stayed at and 
the dolphin tour we went on.  We also got to take Josh in a light house, which at
the time was a high interest thing for him.  This picture is at the top of the 
light house.  It was the Pensacola, FL lighthouse.

3. Occupations. Did you end up working at what you wanted to be? Do you
wish you'd done something else, if so, what? etc.  I started college wanting
to go into medical technology.  I am happy now that I am in teaching.  It is a very
rewarding job that makes me happy.  This is a college graduation picture with
my mom and dad.

4. How do you keep from being bored?  I read, play facebook games or watch
tv...shows or movies.  I am currently reading That Summer by Jennifer
Weiner. You can click on the picture for a review of the book.  It is good.  I 
am not sure it is for the Tuesday 4 crowd though.

Thank you for joining in each week. You have made this such a wonderful
experience and I know Toni, in whose memory we continue, would be pleased
as punch.


  1. I love your graduation picture. I bet you are a wonderful teacher. It would be nice for us to meet up at Tammy's house by the beach in Alabama! I miss her presence on here. Have a great week!

  2. Enjoyed your answers. I am sure you are a wonderful teacher. It isn't an easy occupation to be in anymore. It takes a lot of love and dedication, and I can tell you are that kind of teacher. Hey, we also lived in Kansas for a very short time, about 4 months. Went there for a teaching job (hubby) at a very small Christian college in Haviland, KS. It just didn't work out the way we hoped it would for various reasons, and we felt like fish out of water in Kansas. I missed the mountains and trees and water too much. (We had moved there from NH. It was too big of a change!). Thank you for your participation! This was fun.

  3. Hi Lori, 80s music is the best and I love to sing (regardless of not being good at it. lol) Great graduation picture! Have a wonderful week!

  4. Music of the 80s... I'm there with you! And I played flute, too. Still do sometimes!

  5. 80's music is so good! Your travels sound nice. Being a teacher is wonderful. There are plenty of things available to keep us from being bored.

  6. Great pictures! This has been a fun Tuesday 4! I enjoyed your answers, Lori! xo

  7. Iam a 80s music fan with a touch of 60 and 70. Teaching is a wonderful job. Enjoy your summer.


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