Friday, March 18, 2022

Saturday 9: GET ON YOUR FEET


Get on Your Feet

Saturday 9: GET ON YOUR FEET (1989)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Gloria Estefan encourages us to stand up and make it happen. What's something you want to accomplish this fine Saturday?  I'm not sure.  I have officially finished my Letrs training for school (this has taken all year).  It is reading curriculum.  The house is clean and my books are read.  I am going to rest.  If baseball is on, I will watch that (Spring Training).  

2) She sings that we've all been through some nasty weather. How has winter 2021/22 treated you thus far (weather wise)?  I have enjoyed it.  We have had a pattern of days in the 50's and then snow and cold...then repeat.  I like that we can get outside when we are at school.  We have not missed too many recesses.  The snow keeps us home and honestly, I don't mind because of the sickness.  We have a few days to make-up, but we can do it.

3) Best known as a recording artist, Gloria is also a best-selling author of children's books. When you were a kid, were you a big reader?  not really.  I read some ghost story type books when I was in middle school and Judy Blume.  Then in high school I read the classics for classes and same in college.  I did not really read what I wanted until a few years ago.  Many of you remember that.  I am a monster now reading books.  The latest book I enjoyed this past week was The Love Hypothesis.
4) In addition to music and writing, she's a linguist. As a college student, she supported herself as an English/French/Spanish translator at Miami International Airport. When were you most recently at an airport? Were you traveling yourself, or picking someone up/dropping them off?  I never have a need to go to the airport, we always drive everywhere, but when I was little we took my Granie to the airport to go to California...someone had died I think.  I have never flown.

5) Gloria made her acting debut in 1999's Music of the Heart, a Meryl Streep movie about music teachers in Harlem. Did you have music classes in school? Have you ever taken private lessons?  I had many music classes.  I was in choir in school, even college.  I took music appreciation in college.  Also, band and choraliers in high school which was song and dance.  I am 5th from the right back row of course.  This was choraliers.  Our canes are in front of the guys.  I have taken private singing lessons.

6) Today Gloria is one of the celebrity residents of Star Island, a man-made island in Biscayne Bay. Star Island is connected to the mainland by MacArthur Causeway, named for General Douglas MacArthur. Tell us about a street in your neighborhood, and who it's named for.  Oh the streets here are named after old timers in the town I live in.  I do not know them, just people that live on the road.  I am not from here.

7) 1989, the year "Get on Your Feet" was popular, was the year of the first HDTV broadcast. By 1998, high-def shows and TVs were dominant. How many TVs are in your home? Do you watch shows on your computer or phone?  There are 3 tv's.  One in the living room, one in mine and Karl's bedroom and one in Josh's room.  I watch tv on my phone if it is a ball game and I am out.  Otherwise, we DVR things.  Josh watches almost everything on his phone.  I am old I guess.  I do not see the appeal in watching things on a tiny phone screen.  Gal, his phone is how he watches classic movies or on his computer!  When he watches with me, we watch on my big tv in the living room.

8) Also in 1989, The Simpsons premiered. It's now the longest-running prime-time TV show ever. Are you a fan?  Not at all.

9) Random question: Should husbands wear their wedding rings?  Yes.  My husband works commercial construction and he wears his all of the time.


  1. My grands like to watch things on their cell phones too. If we put something on the main tv that they like, they will watch it with us. They are not here as often as they use to. Hubby likes to watch his shows on the big tv in the family room. That is nice that Josh likes to watch tv with you. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I like to fly, but haven't in years...too many hassles with it these days and maybe some doubts about the safety of it these days. Plus, as I get older I want to take the time to see the places I'm passing through on my way to wherever I'm headed. My husband works in commercial construction, too, but he stopped wearing his ring with my blessing after his got caught on something for the second time. Enjoy your relaxing day!

  3. I don't watch tv on a small screen very often, either, I'm always shocked that it's how my students watch everything!

  4. We have bought huge TV screens (Ned has a much bigger screen than we do) and I can't imagine watching TV on my phone.

  5. I don't get the "tiny TVs" either. Old eyes, I guess. :-) Congrats on finishing your Letrs thing. I hope that is good news!

  6. I can't imagine trying to watch something on my phone like a movie. When I was flying back and forth to Mom and Dad's, I always took my laptop or my tablet to watch stuff.

  7. How interesting! I was talking with my sister this afternoon who is a 4th grade teacher (42 years!) and she was complaining about having to do the Letrs thing. In all her years, she has had to take so many classes on teaching reading and she said she just goes back to the basics and even uses phonics from years ago. Fun answers, Lori! Have a good week ahead. xo

  8. I would have pegged you for a lifelong reader, so your slow growing love affair with books interested me.

    Josh may be on to something. I heard director Martin Scorcese explaining that some movies are better on very small screens. Something about aspect ratio. I didn't understand it, but certainly Scorcese knows film!

  9. #2 Here in Connecticut it has been rain, sunny, rain, sunny. Right now it is sunny but you guessed it rain for tomorrow.
    I like your door mat, I bought one that says, "You Again?"

  10. You've never flown? Wow. I am shocked. You seem so worldly. Flying isn't fun, but you gotta do it. Go to the Islands with your husband...


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