Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Tuesday 4 Meme- Books to Film

Books to Film

1. What book turned into a film did you enjoy? I liked To Kill A Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby and Crazy Rich Asians.  There are many more books to film that I loved, but I did not read the book.  The ones listed I read and watched.

2. Did you ever find the film version of a book to be better than the book or was the book better than the film and which book was it.  I feel like the book is always better.  It seems like things get left out when it is made into a movie.

3. If you could decide what book should be a movie, which would it be and who would you get to play the main characters?  I think Reece Witherspoon does a beautiful job at this.  I tend to want to see a movie about everything I read.  I just read a book called Every Summer After by Carley Fortune that would make a nice romance movie.  It is a great book if you enjoy romance.

4. Have you watched a movie and then had to go read the book or has the opposite occurred and influenced you to see the movie?  I usually read a book and then want to see a movie about it.  


  1. Crazy Rich Asians was good. Did you see the Joy Luck Club? I agree, books are better. You have to use your imagination. I think that makes your brain work harder.

  2. I seem to be the other way around. I see the movie and then read the book. I enjoy reading the movie adaptation and then picturing the actors as I read the book.

  3. Like you I love a great book, but as I’m reading I usually cast out the characters and film the movie in my mind. I think I could easily do a better job at casting than some filmmakers Haha!
    Hav3 a great day!


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