Friday, July 16, 2010

bad day...

I had a whole other post written, but I decided not to publish it. I did not have a good day yesterday and was sharing about it, but decided not to.
My lesson plan went fine. The teacher said I did a good job. The kids enjoyed the puppets and I was able to teach them some new vocabulary, which was my goal. It was fun.
Today Josh and I are going to the library to return his book, then we are going to the college to return the puppets to the curriculum library. When we get home I need to write a lesson plan and do some laundry. Have a nice day!!
Oh!! I didn't have a good day, but when I got home, I found some siggies from Judy in my e-mail!! Made my whole day!! It is the little things that make me happy. Here is one below.


  1. Hi Lori, your day graphic says Thursday so I thought I had already read this post then I started reading and realized I had not read this post. I so sorry you had a bad day you should have shared it with us. But I am so glad the siggies Judy made, made your day!
    I feel so bad for you about your day. I hope you have a better day today, it has to be! big hugs

  2. Lori, Oh my that is a long bridge, it's reminds me of the the bridges in San Fran.
    Steve and I didn't drive to Florida we flew and rented a car, so we didn't have a need to cross that bridge I don't think. I would love to go on that bridge. I do get scared but I love them!
    I'm glad you had ice-cream yesterday I love sonic I had Steve stop and get me a lime slushy from there the other day on his way home from work, we don't have one near my house.
    Glad you had ice-cream to cheer you up that always works for me! big hugs

  3. Lori I am so sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I hope today has been better. Like you it is usually the small things that make me happy...and Judy's siggies will do that.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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