Saturday, July 3, 2010

doing homework still....

I sat down with my syllabus Thursday night and realized that my assignments are coming up quicker than I thought. I am glad I had planned to do homework yesterday. Josh and I went to my college (MSU), to the Curriculum Library and picked up a curriculum kit for one of my lesson plans. I was able to get 3 lesson plans done instead of two, one typed, I finished up the paperwork I was working on from yesterday and I was able to make an appointment to go visit another childcare center to do an ITERS (an evaluation). Anyway, I got a lot done. The only thing I haven't done is type the last two lesson plans. I will have one lesson plan left, but I will not be doing it for a couple of weeks. This catches me up so I can think. I have a lot to do next week. I need to take a lot of pictures next week. We were supposed to be taking pictures this whole time and I have no pictures. I will just spend one of my labs taking pictures of my focus child, no big deal. This is what I meant the other day when I said some of our lessons are unclear. I am getting there. I also have to put together a power point presentation on all of this for my Final. The power point will take some time, but the rest of this doesn't really take long.
So, today I may get those two lesson plans typed, but if it is sunny...which it isn't supposed to be, we will swim. I could probably do both. Don't worry, I am not sitting around doing homework all day. I am just trying to get some things done.
I know many of you will not be around for the 4th, so Happy Indepedence Day!!! Have a great holiday and be safe!! My dogs are scared to death, the fireworks have already started here around my house. We live in the country, so setting off fireworks is legal. Have a great day!! I will try to come by for visits today.

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  1. Hi Lori,
    you sound so busy with all your homework but I know it's better to get it done rather than keep putting it off. I doubt we'll have sun here either but at least the rain has stopped. I haven't minded the rain and lower temps we got from Hurricane Alex, I'm sure it will be hot and sunny again here before too long.
    Happy 4th


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