Friday, July 30, 2010

finals, meetings and birthdays oh my!!

My Final went fine and I am finished. I was able to get my books sold and get my books for the Fall ordered online at Amazon. I also got my parking pass for the Fall, so I am ready to start school in late August.
I had a meeting yesterday for work. It was an IEP for a new student I will have when school starts. He is super cute. I am excited to have him in our class.
Josh got his expanders on Wednesday. He is tough. He did say it hurts, but he hasn't cried or complained. I looked them up on YouTube and if those were in my mouth, I would be crying all of the time. He said today they do not hurt as much, so that makes me feel much better. He is having trouble talking though, so hopefully he gets that worked out soon. He will just have to practice.
Josh's birthday is coming up next wednesday (the 4th), so we are planning to go out with my family to celebrate and do some shopping for him too.
Today we are home, but I have a feeling it is going to be a busy day. We shall see. Have a nice weekend!!


  1. Glad your finals went well. So it sounds like you will have a little break from school for a few weeks.

    Hope Josh is feeling good. My two kids have had that done...they complained the first couple of days but then it eased up. They also took a little tylenol to help.

    Enjoy the day!!

  2. Hi July;

    Good for you on doing well with your finals! Now maybe you can take it easy for a couple of weeks before school starts up. I'm so glad Josh feels better. Have a blessed weekend. Hugs

  3. Glad finals are past!

    Those expanders don't sound pleasant at all! Hope he doesn't have to have them for too long!

  4. Glad your finals went well. 'ouch' doesn't sound much fun for Josh, hope those expanders don't hurt for too long. Kristen has still only lost 3 teeth total!!!

  5. Glad to have your address again so I can visit. Sounds like your summer has been busy!!!

  6. Hi Lori,
    Happy to hear your finals are going well :) My Grandson starts school here in Burbank 8-16. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. An early Happy Birthday to Josh :)
    Hugs, Dru

  7. Hi Lori, I hope Joshua has a Happy Birthday if I don't get back here in time. Oh that's awful about the expanders sounds painful I would cry too! poor little guy so glad he is holding up okay though or you would be crying with him. Who is the IEP is that a child or man? I am dumb about that sorry. LOL! big hugs

  8. Hi Lori, well, blogger ate my comments...gonna try it again! Glad your finals went well, take some time to relax and enjoy a break. Brave Josh, glad he is doing well with the spacers. It's tough! Hugs!

  9. Ciao Lori, happy Monday and happy August. Glad your finals went well, congrats! Poor Josh, hope the expanders won't hurt too much. And happy birthday to him, of course! :)

  10. Happy Birthday Josh!! ^_^

    Yeah, expanders are no fun ... I remember having those when I had braces in high school - but fortunately, the pain is short lived!

    Hope you're having a super week!


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