Thursday, July 8, 2010

soooo tired.....

I got my observation done on Wednesday and I got it scored. I have to write a 5-10 page paper about the experience now. I have a lot to say about it, but I am not sure about 5-10 pages. I am going to take a break though. I am tired of doing homework. I know my limits and I need a day off.
My day at class went well and lab did too. I went to pick up my notebook and my lesson plan from the teacher and they had them waiting for me. I was able to get some homework done in class, and I did a little this evening too.
Josh will be back from Oklahoma tomorrow. He went with my parents. I miss him, but I am glad he was with them while I got all of that homework done.
I have not posted, but we went to get me a new computer Wednesday night. It is nothing fancy, but it is a laptop. It is a Compaq. We got it at Best Buy for $299. I love it. We looked at Wal~Mart first, but the computers there didn't have everything I wanted and they cost more. I need to get my graphics transfered over to this computer. The sigtags and days of the week.
I plan to get some laundry done tomorrow. It is rainy here, so I will probably not give Molly her bath. I will probably just rest and visit with Josh when he gets home tomorrow. He is supposed to be home around dinner time or so.
Have a nice weekend!!


  1. Hi Lori;

    I hope today will be an easier day for you. I could not imagine having to do homework again myself..LOL!

    That's a great price on your laptop. Notebooks are usually sold at that price. I was thinking of getting one myself but I ended up updating my Toshiba Satellite with all new drivers and cleaning it out and now it's like having a new computer again.

    Have a blessed day my friend. Hugs ;-}

  2. Hi Lori,

    It's good to know your limits. How fun Josh got to go with your parents. I hope you have a great weekend. It's suppose to be in the 100's here today but yet it's such a cool breeze this morning, it's hard to believe that is true. I guess we will see. Have a great weekend. big hugs

  3. Hi Lori! Just the thought of doing homework makes me cringe. :-) My hat's off to you!

    It's always so nice to get a new computer. Wow - what a great price! Hope you enjoy it Lori.

    Did you ever get your sigtag to show up transparent? I noticed that it wasn't transparent here. I can't figure it out, because it is transparent. Have you saved it as a gif?

    Loved your firework pics! I got a few too, but wish I could have gotten much more.

    Have a great weekend Lori! Hope you find time to relax & have some fun. Hugs!

  4. Hi Lori,

    Just found your blog off Kat's blog. I can so relate to the homework! I had 11 years of college in Education and Social Work. Before staying home with my children I was a Director of a preschool. I still enjoy planning and implementing activities with my girls today. If you get a chance stop by my blog and say hi!
    Have a great weekend!



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