Monday, July 5, 2010

fireworks and lesson plans

We went to our church 4th of July event last night. I tried to take some pictures, but the battery went out on my camera before the finale. I got a couple I will share.
These were just a couple taken when it first got started, the bigger fireworks came later, but these are still nice. It was fun. There was a concert afterwards. We stayed for a little while and then we headed home.

I went to the preschool yesterday to feed the fish and I found an idea for my last lesson plan, so I think I will write that today and get it over with. I go back to class tomorrow.


  1. Oh Lori, what beautiful 4th of July photos! we didn't get to see fireworks this year they had it on Saturday, the kids went though to watch them.
    Sounds like you had a great day, I could not believe how many people attend when you write about it in your blog yesterday.
    Did I tell you that Shane and Jaime are both attending a Christian college near our house? they will have their AA degrees this fall and are going for their BA degrees. I am so proud of them both.
    I miss you to, thanks for writing that, it really made my day! I hope you enjoy a great summer.

  2. Hi Lori! I love your photos of the fireworks! Sounds like a nice 4th for you and your family. Enjoy your first day back to class if that's possible! ((BIG HUGS))


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