Friday, July 2, 2010


I am glad to have my classes over this week, now I can try to enjoy the holiday weekend. I turned in my papers yesterday and did some more observing and documenting in my lab class. My teacher let me borrow a book to use for a lesson. We have to teach 4 lessons in our lab, so my first one is ready, and I will do it next week, but I want to write my second one so it will be ready. We have a lot of things to get done in these last few weeks. I need to type a lesson plan today and write the one I mentioned. It will actually not take very long, I just need to sit down and do it. I may go ahead and type both of them. That is about it. Josh and I do not have any plans yet today...except me doing homework. Have a nice Friday!!!


  1. Hi Lori, sorry I keep forgetting to stop by and say hi, I must put your link on my sidebar, I didn't realize it wasn't there.
    Have a wonderful 4th July weekend.

  2. Hi Lori, have a happy Friday and Happy 4th of July!
    I hope you get a nice break this weekend from homework. Big hugs


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