Friday, June 17, 2011

blogger comments

It seems like for some people (me), my blogger id is not working to leave comments and is causing problems for others as well. If you read this and you have a blogger blog, do you have a different type of comments section? Many years ago before I had my wordpress blog I had a blogger blog and I had a different kind of comments box, but I do not remember what it was and I probably wouldn't remember how to install it now...LOL!! I was just wondering about alternatives. Since I posted this I have been visiting other blogs and it seems like if you set your comments to pop out they work better? I changed mine. They probably just know what they are doing and I don't...LOL!!!! It is worth a try.
Josh is leaving around noon today for his camping trip and I need to clean house. I did not get anything done yesterday except a discussion board for my class. I took a shower, but did not ever dry my hair until was still wet where I had it pulled back. I usually get lots of company when I do that. I was lucky yesterday and no one had to see me being lazy. I had a headache too though. I will use that as my excuse.
Well, when I was visiting blogs yesterday I saw Darylynn got a new puppy in November named Cooper. I then realized I was not very up to date on people even though I am active on facebook. So I thought I would share about Meisha. Well, we found a puppy in our driveway in december and kept her. I have posted pictures of her here and on facebook, so most of you have seen her. This is Meisha. She is getting her little girl surgery on monday. She is a big girl now. The little dogs like her. She is really laid back. Anyway, most of you have probably seen her. If you scroll down the page you can see other pictures of her probably, I post so often and all.
I do not know why I am so chatty today. Have a nice Friday!!


  1. I am wondering if it has something to do with Facebook, the shared blogs thing?

  2. I remember when you found her! She is getting big!!! :)

    As for me, I love a lazy day!!! :)

  3. Hi Lori,

    Google is the one with problem and they own Blogger. The only other alternative is to use the Name/URL identity when leaving a comment in Blogger until they finally fix the problem or expand your Cbox comment board. I now have my comments moderated and use the popup like you. So far it works. Dru says every once in awhile she has the problem with the blogs that have the comments under the posts. Hope this helps.

    I remember when you found Meisha. She's adorable. Have a great weekend my friend. Hugs


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