Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meisha's stitches

Today the plan is to take Meisha to the vet to get her stitches out. I wish they would have put the kind in that dissolve, I am worried about how she is going to act there. She gets so scared.
Then I plan to read ahead for homework and when I say get ahead, it will not last long because there is so much reading. I also need to start working on my paper for that class. I have all of the information I need, so I would like to get it started. Julie had asked if I plan to stay at the preschool teaching or if I will teach primary and that is a good question. I have had A LOT of people asking me that same question. I will be certified to teach birth- 3rd Grade. I could do First Steps, Parents As Teachers, teach in a classroom. I have lots of options. As of now, I plan to stay at the ECSE preschool. I love the kids and my co-workers and it is close. I am in a classroom and work for the school district. I think some think I work at a daycare and that is not the case. It is an early childhood special education preschool. I will also have to take the praxis for early childhood special education to teach there. I have my Provisional Certificate right now to teach. It is confusing I know. I also think that many have the idea that if you are not in at least 1st grade you are not really teaching and that is not the case either. I really believe in early intervention. I am a hige advocate for it. So, for now at least, I will stay. In doing my practicum teaching, I felt like the primary grades were easier, but that is not what I am wanting. I need a challenge. The special education kids give me that and at least for now, I love it. I say for now because I am getting older and I know I cannot do that forever. I may teach primary at that point.
Karl was not up for going out for dinner last night for his birthday. We just stayed in and had some Mexican food. It was yummy.
Did I mention I drove around looking at houses yesterday? I am really embarrasing for Karl to be with, I will park and go look in the windows if I know the house is empty. I did that and then drove by some of the houses we are interested in. There were two more on the market. I still have one house I really like, but the time is just not right yet....we still have to sell our house. Who knows what will be available when that happens.
I really should get moving if I want to get anything done today. Have a nice day!!


  1. Sounds like you've got it all worked out. :) ... Personally, I would be happy with the young kids. The younger, the better. :) ... And trust me, after homeschooling from pre-school up, I do know that teaching begins before first grade! :)

    Hope Meisha does well at the vet, and isn't too scared!

  2. I believe that teaching is teaching, no matter what the age. Children are always learning, and each age has its own challenges and new things to learn. I am currently trying to teach our three-year-old the ABC song. I'm teaching the one-year-old a word... ANY word at this point! LOL

  3. Hi Lori,
    Long time . . . no see or I guess I should say . . . no read. Anyway, I'm coming back to blogging. Starting off slowly but hoping to get back into the routine soon.

    Hope all went well with your puppy getting the stitches out. The last time I was here you were starting college and now it sounds like you've made tons of progress. So happy for you.

    Please visit when you get a chance. Hugz!!

  4. i think that its whereever u feel comfortable at. U do an awesome job with whatever class u teach. All kids love u. Ur gettin younger. Thats sounds like the best bd present u couldve given him. Havin dinner and spendin time with the family. Awesome idea lori.ull ace all ur test finals and classes i have faith n u. Its almost over.just sit back and enjoy the ride and close ur eyes to the bad parts. When u open them the ride will b over ur schoolin will b over and only the good things will b what ur lookin at. Gettin out and lookin n the windows gives u a better image of space. U can always go back when they have the houses open to see the whole thing. Goodluck on homework paper and readn. Have an awesome wk and wkend. Tty soon. Ur friend. Ang


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