Thursday, June 16, 2011

posting question??

Well my summer school class has started. It is an adminisration class, so not my wheelhouse, but the teacher is awesome, so it is ok. It is a 5 weeks class, so one week down 4 to go. Those classes go fast. I am going to need to do some text reading this weekend, write a paper, do a discussion board and some other stuff on blackboard. It will keep me busy, not to mention I am going to have to spend 15 hours with an administrator over the next 4 weeks.
Josh is going camping with his cousins this weekend, so I will have plenty of time for homework. I will be so glad when I am done with school and I can spend time with him. He has been so patient. He will probably not want anything to do with me once I am done, just watch. He is getting to be that age.
I was just at Andrea's blog...if you drop by Andrea, I tried to leave a message, but I couldn't. I am not sure why. If anyone is having trouble leaving comments here, let me know in the tagboard and I will see if I can figure it out.
I hope everyone is having a nice summer so far. I love summer, it is my favorite.


  1. I can't get a comment to go through on Andrea's blog either. I just leave them on her facebook wall, so she knows I am reading. *lol* ... I have NO IDEA why they won't go through on hers.

    Bet you can't wait to be done with school! You've gone far though, so you should be proud of yourself. :)

  2. Hi Lori! You are still so busy with classes- good for you! It will all be worth it when you're done. Yes, we got a new puppy last November. His name is Cooper and he's an English Cream Golden Retriever. I went back and found a post that has a video of him as a puppy, Not sure if it'll work in here but I'll try:

    Good to hear form you and have a great summer! (((Hugz)))

  3. It does work if you do a control c and paste it in your browser. You have to do it that way because of the right click disable.

  4. I'm getting tired of people not being able to comment, so I'm considering moving my blog to wordpress. However, I love how blogger does the updates on the side, so I know when people have blogged. Decisions, decisions. Julie can't leave me messages either.

  5. Hi Lori,
    Long time no hear :) Nice to hear from you! I love Summer too. I can't leave comments on some blogs that use blogger I hope this works;)I couldn't use my google account but I used thr open ID :)
    Hugs, Dru


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