Wednesday, June 22, 2011

job shadowing

Meisha did really well with her surgery and she is home and doing fine. I am glad it is out of the way. She was really scared when Karl went to pick her up. He had to go back and get her because she wouldn't come out of the cage they had for her. I need to take her back still to get her stitches removed next week. I hope she does ok, poor scared baby.
My college class is going well I think. I have been doing a lot of lessons, but the teacher hasn't posted any grades, so I hope we are all doing everything right. I am sure it is fine. We have to shadow an adminstrator for this class, so I am doing that this week. It is not boring like I thought it might be. I have been shadowing my director and she has a million things to do. I just couldn't see myself doing that kind of job, it is too much stress. My director is wonderful though and I am glad she likes it.
My parents came for a visit the other day and Josh stayed the night with them that night. It was kind of nice, that way he is with someone while I am doing all of this running around with class and job shadowing.
It is time for me to go soend some time with my director doing shadowing, so I will go. I will visit soon. Have a nice week.


  1. Thands fun. Alot of work and loyalty but i have faith n u. Ur awesome person and always will b. Ur grades well their awesome to u have nothin to worry bout. U take care and as always b safe. Youve always got my support my friend. Ttyl. Ang

  2. Hi Lori,
    Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving comments! You are such a blessing.
    Sounds like you are a busy lady this soummer.
    Glad Meisha is home now.
    Take care!!

  3. Hi Lori;

    I'm so glad Meisha is home and doing well. Years back when I was working at the Town Hall, we used to have a few college students shadowing office a field workers. I think it's a great thing and makes it easier for the students. Have a lovely week my friend. ;-}

  4. Glad Meisha did well and hope she won't be too scared for the return visit. Our dogs have always loved going to the vet- it's the groomer that terrifies them. We haven't taken Cooper yet so will be interesting to see how he does.

    Good luck with your shadowing. I prefer teaching to administrative work too! :) (((Hugz)))

  5. I'm glad Meisha is doing well. I can't get over how differently vets do things. Our vet always uses the stitches that dissolve, so we've never had to take a dog back for stitch removal.

    Have fun job shadowing. I bet you will learn some really fun stuff!

  6. We didn't have to take our cat back in for stitch removal either, after having her fixed. I guess every vet is different...

    Have fun with the shadowing!


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