Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Karl!!

Today ended week 3 of my college class. Just two more weeks. It is going fast and I still have a lot of work to do. This has not been a relaxing summer really and it is only going to get more busy. I am going to do lesson plans for the preschool once the class is over and my take my praxis test, which is my state certification to teach in July as well. Then in August is Josh's birthday and I need to get the preschool put back together then and about the tiime I get done with all of that, it will be time for school to start. I plan on being at the preschool the first week and then I will do student teaching. Some of you had mentioned the school paying for the FBI background check a few weeks ago. They actually do, but I am having to do this for the college and they make you pay for it. My job does not require me to do it every year right now. They paid for it last year.
My parents ended up not going to Oklahoma. Long story short, my mom had an appointment and it was canceled, so they did not go. Josh was so disappointed. He enjoys going down there and seeing my dad's family and they were going to take him some places. He is at their house today.
Today is Karl's birthday!! I am going to see if he would like to go out to eat tonight. He may not, just because it is so hot right now and he is tired when he gets home. We shall play it by ear.
Besides school, I have just been trying to clean a little bit at a time and keep laundry done. I did not feel so hot over the weekend. I had a headache and didn't do much. I feel better now though, so trying to catch up. Have a nice week!!


  1. well take one step at a time and keep the imfo fresh n ur mind. Take one step at a time and make those closer walks with jesus. He will see u thru ur classes and student teachn and also each and everyday teachn. Thats the man i walk with. Hes workn with me as far as to heal any and all friendships jobs and or family problems that needs healn. But hes been workn n my life with locked up things n me to. But walk with him always and he will c u thru everything. Take care of urself. Happy bd karl and a pre happy bd to u to josh. Ttyl. Ur friend. Ang

  2. Happy Birthday to Karl! Summer school is difficult because everything is so compressed but also a good way to get classes out of the way! (((Hugz)))

  3. Hello Lori! Happy Birthday to Karl! Summer is going by so fast this year. June was such a busy month. I hope to slow down and enjoy July some! Hugs.

  4. Happy birthday to Karl!!!

    When you're done with school, will you still teach preschool, or go to upper grades?

  5. Hi Lori;

    Happy belated birthday to Karl. I'm so glad that as busy as you are, you are still posting. So many of our friends aren't anymore and I miss that. Have a lovely day my friend. Hugs


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