Thursday, June 9, 2011


I took Josh to the orthodontist tuesday. I think they basically just did something with his wires and we left. I had to take him back yesterday because they left the wires a little long at the back and the wires were poking him. Anyway, I hope we are done with that for a few weeks.
Today I am headed to get my fingerprints ran through the FBI. I have to do this for teaching and I have to have this on file with the university. There is a lot of this little stuff I have to do every summer to be able to be in the classroom. It just take some time and money.
I got an e-mail from my summer class professor yesterday. The class sounds like it will be fast paced. I start that next week. It is only 5 weeks though and it will be over.

Here is a picture of Meisha taken last week. She is getting big. I do not think she will get much bigger, maybe just bigger around. She is really sweet and calm. This is the dog we found after Thanksgiving in our driveway. She is potty trained now, so I cleaned the carpets right after I got out of school.


  1. I found your blog! :)

    I remember when Blake had the few braces he did, those wires were really annoying!

    You have to pay for your fingerprinting? Too bad the school district doesn't do that for you.

    Meisha looks like a total sweetiepie!

  2. Hi Lori;

    It was so nice to see your comment on my blog. With the crazy severe storms, nickel size hail, etc., I've been getting these past 3 days, I was without internet, phone and cable TV from Wednesday to this afternoon. We were hit very hard here in my area. Our temps were in the high 90s and yesterday we hit 102. Hopefully things will get better soon.

    The picture of Meisha with her shiny coat is lovely. I'm surprised you have to pay for the required fingerprints.

    Have a lovely week ahead my friend. Hugs

  3. Joe and I had to be fingerprinted back in 1997, when we were going to adopt (before finally getting pregnant with Jared)... I can't remember if we had to pay though.

    Hope you're enjoying your summer!


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