Sunday, October 4, 2020

Monday Madness- The What's So Special Questions


The What's So Special Meme Questions

Merriam-Webster defines the word "special" as follows: being in some way superior, held in particular esteem, readily distinguishable from the same category, unique, being other than usual, or designed for a particular purpose or occasion.

1. Tell us about a special piece of cookware, dinnerware, or kitchen item in your home that has sentimental value.   When my Grandma from my mom's side passed away all of the Grandkids got her kitchen things.  I have several pieces...bowls, mixer, etc that belonged to her.  Even my plates were bought by my Grandparents, so my kitchen items are very special to me.

2. Is there one piece of jewelry you always wear that reminds you of someone or brings back a special memory? If so, tell us about it.  I have my Grandma's ring from my dad's side that my Uncle gave to me.  I do not wear much jewelry though.  I think that is the only piece of special jewelry I have right now.  My mom has a crap ton of jewelry I will get when she passes, but like I said, I do not wear jewelry.  Maybe I will change my mind.

3. When you go out for a meal (yes, folks, those were the good 'ole days) do you make special requests having to do with food choices, extra condiments, seating arrangements, special instructions for how your food is cooked and the like? What are your special requests?  Sometimes I may ask that some things be left off a dish, but I am not very bad.  My mom is the one that has special requests every time we go anywhere.  She always wants everything well done and extra napkins.

4. What makes your home special to you and your family?  I love that our is BIG.  In fact we were going to try to sell our house several years ago and I never was happy with the size of the bedrooms in the houses we looked at.  Our house has an addition and so that is why the bedroom is so big.  I also love what my husband has done with our yard.  We have a nice big lawn and we have a gazebo out there.  During the covid lockdown I spent many days out there reading in peace.  We are not under a lockdown where I live and haven't been for a long time.  We just have the mask ordinance.

5. We've had a lot of time to think up ways to make our lives more interesting while on lockdown. What do you do to make an otherwise ordinary day/night more special?  In other words, what does your "special night" look like?  So even though we are not on lockdown anymore, I am not terribly interested in going out and getting exposed.  Just going to work everyday is bad enough.  Karl and I rented and watched a movie here at our house last night.  That is about as special as it gets.

6. You are waiting for an exciting special delivery! What's in the box?  Lately it has been clothes.  I went from wearing jeans everyday at the preschool to teaching 4th grade and needing to be dressed up.  I had to order a lot of clothes.  It is not unusual for me to get a package from Bath and Body or Ulta either.

7. When is the last time you went on a special assignment?  I am on special assignment this year at the school district.  We had so many people resign due to covid and we also had to offer some virtual classes leaving the schools shorthanded for teachers.   So they asked me to teach digital literacy.  It is such a weird year.  They say it is just for this year though.  I am loving it.

8. If you were saving a bottle of wine for a special occasion, what would the occasion be and who would be in attendance?  I do not drink, but if I were doing that it might be that if covid goes away and things are normal again.  It would be my husband and I along with Josh and my mom.

9. What is the last "special report" or "breaking news report" you heard?  I have been paying attention to the President Trump updates on his covid from his doctors.  I also saw them take him to Walter Reed on Friday afternoon.

10. Who or what in your life gets special treatment?  Josh (my son)...always Josh.  We go out of our way to try to do things for Josh.


  1. I enjoyed hearing about your home and the things that are special to you. I love having things that belonged to my grandmothers, my hubby's grandmother, and my mother and mother in law. Seems like most everything I have used to belong to someone else! LOL. Makes it difficult to get rid of anything too. We also have a large bedroom and I enjoy that...we even have TWO master bathrooms in our BR. One has a shower, potty, sink, and the other has a garden tub, potty and sink. I've never had such "luxury" before, and I love having my very own bathroom! What is "digital literacy"? That's a new term to me. So maybe you need to give us a lesson! Enjoy being back to school. I know it's been a very different kind of year for all of us, and if this thing is every finally over, we may all have to celebrate!!

  2. Lori,

    My mother gave me my grandma's Mother's Ring after she passed. I just wanted a little memento of hers. I have the Prez in my prayers. God has this and I am trusting in Him for a full recovery for President Trump. Also praying for Melania's health. Thanks fr sharing your responses. Have a good week!


  3. I taught a class last year that was supposed to be a one-year deal but I'm teaching it again this year. And I'm not enjoying it. Oh well...

  4. I don't blame you for not selling to keep your big bedroom. I sure miss my large bedroom from our last home. I inherited several things from my parents. Enjoy you week Lori!

  5. #3 -- I'm like your mom ... but in reverse. I always wish I HAD asked for more napkins.

  6. I am so late getting around to blogs but enjoyed reading your answers to Monday Madness!! Have a good week, Lori!


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