Saturday, October 17, 2020

Sunday Stealing- Peachristy


Stolen from Peachristy

1. What kinds of things do you like to write?  I like to make lists, I like to write poems.  I enjoy 
writing letters and Christmas cards.  When I was young I wrote short stories, but I haven't
done that in years.

2. What is your favorite genre of movie  I like the movies Josh has shown me...I think he calls
 them film noir.  I also enjoy romantic comedy, drama, thriller, action, sci-fi.  I like a lot of
 different movies.

3. Your favorite song?  I do not have a favorite song.  I like a lot of songs.

4. During what situation do your eyes shine the brightest?  When I see kids "getting it" and when 
I am with Josh.  

5. Summer or Winter?  Summer

6. What do you do when you are angry?  I want to be alone

7, Sleep with lights on or off ?  off, but I do have a night light so I can see to get to the bathroom.

8. Are you ok with eating alone in a restaurant?  no, I would just get takeout.

9. Texting or calling?  texting

10. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?  I kind of like that I look for the good in a situation
 and I learn from everything.

11. How do you act when you’re scared?  frozen

12. When you look at the sky do you first look at the moon, or the stars?  stars

13. Do you approach strangers when you are lost?  yes, I stop at a gas station

14. Tea or Coffee? tea

15. With sugar? Milk? Lemon? Anything else?  sugar


  1. I like #4. I like when I am Bible journaling with my grands. We have not been able to do much with Covid. But I understand how you feel when they get it.

  2. I like doing Christmas cards too. I get less each year. I will still send them out. Want to exchange this year? I use to them from Toni and I still exchange with Darylynn.

  3. I enjoyed your answers today.
    Have a good Sunday my friend.

  4. To learn something. Great response!I finally posted the right week's meme.

  5. I put that I like to learn too... I think it's a way of being open to life

  6. I enjoyed your post today, Lori! Wishing you a good week ahead!

  7. I'm getting deeper and deeper into film noir. As a result, I've developed quite the crush on TCM's Eddie Muller. (I think it's the tie/pocket square combo.)

  8. I love film noir! One of my favorite genres.

  9. I am not even sure what film noir is. I suppose I shall have to look it up! Learning is a very good thing.


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