Monday, March 18, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme- Help! S.O.S.

Help! S.O.S.

1.   If you were trapped in a cellar, who would you want to rescue you and why?  My husband, he always knows what to do and he makes me feel safe.  My Grandparents had a cellar and I liked to play in it, so I am not sure this would completely freak me out.

2.   If you had a flat tire on a lonely road how would you handle it?  Call my husband, I do not know how to change a tire.  He can fix everything.

3.   If you were behind an isle in a store where it was being held up what would you do?  Dial 911 and hope they would track my call.   Maybe try to whisper help.  I hope that never happens.

4.   If you saw someone being attacked would you run away, call 911, or try to help?  I would like to say I would try to help,  but people are crazy.  I would probably dial 911 and give as many details as I could.  I hope this never happens either.  If the person was getting hurt, I might make a lot of noise hoping the bad person would run away, but I would hide.  I am older and I am a chicken.


  1. Hi Lori, I have a feeling we are all going to answer the questions the same more or less. Not having a husband, I ended up calling family members and 911 mostly. Have a blessed day ahead dear friend.

  2. Your husband sounds like a prince! I am glad you have someone like that :).
    I agree with Toni most answers will be the same, though not all.

  3. Great answers!! My hubs is my hero and handy man... he's my go to guy for everything as well! Have a fab*u*los Tuesday!!

  4. I think I would answer the same way, except we only have one car now so I would have to call AAA to come to change my tire! Let's hope we never have to do any of these things!

  5. Thank heavens for AAA for the tire and a cell phone for 911.


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