Monday, March 25, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme- TV Delights
TV Delights

1.   Favorite TV Chef To Watch And Learn From: I used to really love watching Emeril, but nowadays I enjoy watching Pioneer Woman...Ree Drummond.  I would be more likely to make something she cooks.

2.   Favorite TV Cooking Personality:  Ree Drummond

3.   Favorite Frozen TV Dinner (Yes Or No Reply And Why):  no, we do not eat frozen tv dinners.  We try to actually make dinner.

4.   Favorite Watching TV Movie Snack To Munch On:  I do not eat snacks or make a point of having a snack for a movie.  We are more likely to eat dinner and a probably pizza.

My friend Gloria is back online making some graphics!  She made the Easter blinkie over on the right column and she sent me this sigtag.  Isn't it so cute?  Go visit her and let her know if you visited by signing her guestbook, she is just getting her site back up.  Click the sigtag below or here is her link  Gloria's Graphics  .


  1. I used to watch The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond when I had cable Lori. I too loved her recipes and enjoyed watching her family and hubby working on the ranch/farm. Not having cable I miss the Food Network but now that I'm alone I don't really cook as much as I used to. Nice to hear Gloria is back making graphics again. Love the Easter blinkie and your siggie. Have a day of blessings my friend.

  2. I love Ree Drummond, and forgot she had a cooking show! I will have to check out Gloria's page. Have a great Tuesday!!

  3. I don't watch cooking shows at all, so my answers were kind of boring today. Its great that someone is making graphics again!!!

  4. Ree is my favorite too! I would love to visit Pawhuska and her store and restaurant! Fun answers, Lori!!

  5. Somewhere I came across Foxfire books. Lessons in soap making with lye and ashes, blachsmithing, building a log cabin...

    This Pioneer Woman sounds right up my alley.


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