Monday, March 4, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme- TV Shows

TV Shows

1.   Name a TV show you can, and do, quote from:  FRIENDS...How you doin'?
2.   Name a TV show you like that no one else enjoys:  I loved a show on E! called The Arrangement, but I guess no one watched got cancelled.

 3.   Name a TV show which you've been known to sing the theme song: FRIENDS...I cannot think of anything current I sing.  Ya know, I think we fast forward through that part...bad part about DVR'ing things.

4.   Name a TV show you would recommend everyone to watch:  current shows: Victoria on PBS and New Amsterdam on NBC...oh and if you haven't seen it...The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime.

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  1. #4... I watch all three of those!! Great TV.

  2. I don't watch any of those programs. I don't like watching TV alone. something about it bothers me. I might try Blue Bloods though.. not sure and I do want to see Riverdale when it comes back on.
    I enjoyed reading your answers :)

  3. I too have never watched those three shows on Prime. I guess I'm so into murder mysteries and cop shows. LOL! Enjoyed your answers Lori. Have a blessed day ahead my friend.

  4. I too, fast forward thanks to the DVR. I have never heard of The Arrangement. I will have to check out The marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Have a great Tuesday!

  5. I've heard great things about Victoria. My younger son and wife watch it all the time. Enjoyed your answers.

  6. Yes, we do miss out a bit come to think of it when we dvr, but love missing those ads!!THanks for the fun visit... have a great week!!


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