Saturday, June 19, 2010

birthday party, Molly and little boys

Josh is going to his cousin's birthday party today. They are going to do paintball. I am not sure Josh will like it, but he wants to be at the party for his cousin.
I need to give Molly a bath today. I have been giving her a bath on Friday, but I got busy yesterday.
My nephews all came over yesterday to play with Josh, so there were 3 boys running around the house. They were actually very good, and I was able to clean the house and do laundry. Then we went to get ice-cream and a drink. There was an older gentleman in there and he commented how good the boys were. When we got home, one of them took all of his clothes off except his underwear and did a dance. Good grief!! I am glad they were good when we were out. The boys played games a bit too. Then afterwards Karl, Josh and I had pizza for dinner. That is about it. Have a nice weekend.

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