Saturday, June 26, 2010


I gave Molly a bath and then we took her to the vet for her shot. She did really good and the vet said she looked good too. When we got home I did some laundry. Josh read his book I posted about last week. He is almost done with it, so we will need to go to the library soon.
Today I am plannning on swimming. Karl does not want to swim with us, he said he is going to cut tree limbs. Josh and I will have fun though. Karl is also planning to watch the soccer game and probably the St. Louis Cardinals game. That is about all we have going on today. Have a great day!!

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  1. Hi Lori;

    Sounds like a great lazy day to start the weekend. I was up most of the night watching "my" Yankees beat the Dodgers. ;-} Today I'll probably just laze around and try and get some rest. Have a blessed weekend. Hugs


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