Monday, June 28, 2010

laundry and library

I was able to get my homework finished last night. I had a midterm to type and it is ready to turn in. It is not due until Thursday, but I can tweak it if I need to this way.
We had crazy thunderstorms last night with lots of thunder and lightening. Mandy is scared of the noise it makes, so she was snuggling with me.
Today I need to do laundry and clean house a little. My dad will be taking Josh to their house to stay the night tonight so I can go to class tomorrow. I am enjoying being home some this summer and spending time with Josh. He has been at my parent's or Karl's parents for the past three summer's and I miss him.
Josh finished his book, so it looks like we will be heading to the library today.
Well, I better go. I will be able to blog today. I will visit you soon!! Have a great week!!


  1. Glad you're enjoying your time with Josh. :) ... Have a good week!

  2. Hi Lori,
    That is great this Summer you are seeing more of Josh :) Have a fun day tomorrow at the library and stay dry!
    Hugs, Dru


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