Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Day of Summer School

I just found the post options for blogger, so I am going to try it. I am going to set it to post at 4AM (my time-central).
Ok, well my parents picked up Josh last night. They visited for a bit and played with Molly. Molly is doing just great. She has started going to stand by the door when she needs to go potty sometimes. She just hasn't learned what is ok to chew and what is not ok to chew. Mandy is good to help her though and will come get me if Molly is doing something she isn't supposed to be doing.
Today is the first day of my summer class. I only have class today...this class has a lab, so most days I will be working with kids, but today is the first day, so no lab yet. The teacher e-mailed us and let us know, I will start that Thursday. I should be home by 3:30PM or so today. I am sure I will have tons of homework, we always do in the summer. I still prefer summer classes over fall and spring because they are shorter.
Ok, well I better go. I will hopefully be able to visit this afternoon or evening. Have a wonderful Tuesday and thank-you for dropping by!! It has been so good to be able to talk to you all again and visit your blogs. I have missed you. I am going to try very hard to blog this summer. We will see how it goes today with my class.


  1. Happy Tuesday Lori;

    I love the post options and mainly post for the week and setting the times and days. This way I don't have to think of things to post each day and I do find things to write about for each day. I only change a post if something new happens to me. ;-}

    I too am so glad you are posting again my friend. Have a lovely day. Hugs

  2. Hello Lori, Molly sounds so cute & so does Mandy, I'm sure she'll be great in no time. Good luck with your summer classes, hugs

  3. Hi Lori! Isn't it the cutest that Mandy comes 'tattles' on Molly? :-) I love it! They are just like little children.

    I'm glad you are back to posting again too Lori. I really did miss you! Hugs

  4. Hi again. I saw your tag at my blog. Did you want a sigtag? You said you loved it, but I'm not sure if you wanted one or not. If you do, email me - I can't find your email addy to send it to. Hugs!


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