Monday, June 14, 2010

try the library again?

After church, we picked up Josh and then went to tour the St. Jude's Dream Home. It is beautiful and I would love to have a home like that. We had a lot of fun looking at it. It had a tornado shelter that you could get to from inside the house, the master bedroom was huge, media room, screened patio, fire place, 4 bed rooms, 3 1/2 baths. Just loved it.
I also got some cleaning done, but did not get my laundry done. I need to change the sheets and wash them today and I would like to try to take Josh to the library today so he can get a new book to read. I didn't make it on Friday.
My parents will be here this afternoon to pick up Josh. He is spending the night with them so I can go to my class tomorrow.
My back is pretty much all better. Friday I was feeling dizzy, I think I was taking too many medications (tylenol). I switched to Motrin and I am doing much better. That is why I didn't take Josh to the library.
Have a great week!!


  1. Do you ever take advantage of the mobile library that comes to Highlandville? I never think of it in time.....

  2. Happy Flag Day Lori;

    The St Jude's Dream House sounds wonderful. Sounds like you had a perfect Sunday with your family. I'm glad you're feeling better and changed your medication.

    Have a lovely beginning of the week my friend. Hugs ;-}

  3. Hi Lori! Glad you enjoyed the house tour... was it a fund raiser for the hospital? Glad you're feeling better. Being dizzy is no fun! (((Hugz)))

  4. Hi Lori,
    What is St Jude's house?? Happy to hear your back is better and you have to be careful taking tylenol because it has acetaminophen which can damage your liver over time. My Dr told me that so I stopped taking it years ago for headaches I just take aspirin. Have a wonderful evening.
    Hugs, Dru

  5. Hi Lori! I love the look here! So pretty. I looked at this background. It's so festive.

    I'm glad your back is better. I noticed Dru's comment - I don't take Tylenol anymore either because of the potential to damage your liver. I only take asprin too.

    Did you take pics of the house? I would love to see it.

    Hope you have a blessed week Lori. I am going to try & get sigtags out later. Hugs!


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