Thursday, June 3, 2010


Josh and I ended up going to the library yesterday. He checked out a book. Then we came back home. We have mostly been staying home this week taking care of Molly. She is doing good. We had some nice summer storms last night. I do not mind those in the evening to water my flowers.
Today I am going to go get a haircut. This is really bad, but I haven't had a haircut in a year. I was so busy this year and since I am wearing my hair curly now, it needs less maintenance. It is too long though, so I am going to have about 2inches cut off and a layer put in the length also.
I need to give Molly a bath today also. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow for some puppy shots. Well, I better get started. Have a great day!!


  1. Happy Thursday Lori;

    I'm late in visiting as we had thunderstorms here and I usually shut down the pc when they are bad. It's been hot & humid but my fans are working double time. LOL!

    I too need a haircut but I have to wait until I can get my sister to take me when she is in the area.

    Have a blessed and lovely evening my friend. Hugs

  2. Hi Lori! It'll feel nice to get a haircut- it's always refreshing and especially as we head into summer. How did Molly's bath go? Our dogs love the water but hate going to the groomers. Kanan takes his own bath in our spa! ;) (((Hugz)))

  3. Hi Lori,
    How did you hair come out? I wish I could go a year! I have to get mine cut every 6 weeks or I look like a bush woman lol I have really thick hair! It musy be so much fun to have a new puppy in the house and she sounds like she is doing good with the potty training. Hope you have a wonderful Friday!
    Hugs, Dru

  4. Hi Lori! With summer coming, it will be great to get a haircut. I had EIGHT inches cut off of mine a bit after last summer! Should have done it during summer, but I waited.

    My tag board is supposed to be fixed now, so hoping it stays fixed. Sending big hugs!


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