Friday, July 23, 2010


I took Josh to the Orothodontist on Wednesday and they put the bands in, they will be putting his spacers/expanders...whatever they are called next Wednesday. Anyway, he did good wed night, but his teeth hurt yesterday and of course I had to go to class. I hate that. They hurt last night too, but when he woke up today he was fine. That is good.
I gave Molly a bath today, we are taking her to the vet for her last round of puppy shots. Then we will need to bring her home and then go back out to Wal~Mart. I need to pick up some things. I am out of allergy medicine, and that is not a good thing for me to be out of. I get bad headaches, and I have to work on my Final this weekend. I need to get that started tonight. I am not going to be around for blogging until I am finished with classes...which is next Thursday...that is when I turn in my Final. I am getting there.
Ok, have a nice weekend!!


  1. HI Lori, I hope your headaches go away. I pray your finals go well for you, I know they will. Poor Joshua I hope he feels better now. You take care of yourself and be sure to rest and take it easy so you don't get all stressed out. Keeping you in my prayers Big hugs

  2. Praying that the allergy pills kick in fast!! I can't survive too long myself without my allergy pills!! But I'll take the summer with allergies before winter without!! LOL I LOVE summer!! Will be remembering you in prayer while you work on your finals..HUGS

  3. Poor Josh! Does Tylenol help with the pain?

  4. Hi Lori! I remember my son had to have the expanders put in & there were a few nights that he would wake up crying in pain. Hope Josh adjusts to them well.

    You'll get back in time to enter my July giveaway, so I hope you drop in & do that. Have a blessed week Lori! Hugs

  5. Hi Lori;

    You are missed here in the blogging world. Hope your finals went well and your allergy pills help. I never had an allergy but know how they can be big problems from family members. Hope Josh is adjusting to his expanders.

    Have a lovely and blessed weekend my friend. Hugs

  6. Ciao Lori! Hope your finals went well :) and that your allergy will leave you alone ASAP! Have a lovely end of July. :D


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