Friday, January 25, 2019

Saturday 9: My Favorite Things

Saturday 9: My Favorite Things (2018)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This week's artist, Jennie Abrahamson, is very happy living in Stockholm, but she refers to Paris as "a flirt." She enjoys her time there so much she always wants to return. Is there a place you've visited that tugs at your heart and imagination, tempting you to return?  I have not been many places,  but my favorite vacation was to Orange Beach, Alabama...the sun, the dolphins, the condo and the ocean view.  It was awesome!  I would love to go back.

2) Jennie has said her music has been heavily influenced by 80s pop, which was popular in her early teen years. Are your favorite songs the ones you listened to when you were growing up?   I like a lot of different music, but I do find comfort and happiness in the songs from when I was growing up because it takes me back to that time.  That would be the 80's for me too.  I have a lot of 80's stations programmed in my car.

3) "My Favorite Things" is from The Sound of Music. Crazy Sam's high school claim to fame was playing Sister Margaretta in the senior class production. Though not a big part, her performance lives on because relatives love embarrassing her with pictures of her in an especially unflattering nun's habit. Who took an embarrassing photo of you? What were you doing?  not sure.  Probably someone in college.

4) The lyrics celebrate "brown paper packages tied up in strings." What was in the last box you received in the mail?  I got some body butter from Ulta for my hands, feet and elbows.  They are so dry in the winter.  This particular package was Soap and Glory body butter.  I also love Body Shop body butter.

5) It mentions doorbells and sleighbells. What's the most recent bell or alarm that you heard?  I was going to say my alarm clock, but we went on a field trip today at school and there was some weird alarm going off on the bus I had to help turn it off.

6) This song has nice things to say about cold weather, specifically snowflakes and mittens. What do you like about winter?  SNOW!!!  We got a little snow today...once again, not enough to amount to much.  I really would like to have a few snow days.

7) Dog bites and bee stings are singled out as things that can leave us feeling sad. What's most recently given you the blues?  I had a bad Monday not too long ago.  Some of you may know about it.  If you do...I do not have to go to jury duty and Josh's blood work came back normal this last time.  His liver enzymes and glucose was off before.  I have been happy this week.

8) In 2018, when this song was released, Roger Federer won the Australian Open. Are you good with a racket?  I used to enjoy playing tennis when I was in college...I was not good or anything, just something I could actually do.  I haven't played in years though. 

9) Random question -- Your local zoo announced the hatching of three snowy owlets. All males. You won the honor of naming them. Go ahead.  Sarah, Percy and Bill...children's story reference (Owl Babies)... but since they are all boys...maybe Shiver, Chill and Ice.


  1. Ah, dolphins! They were the highlight of my trip to Tampa in 2013.

    I just took advantage of The Body Shop's online body butter sale! Shea is my favorite. My skin just (SLURP!) drinks it up.

  2. Once when we were out on a boat in Chincoteague a family of dolphins swam along with the boat for a good while. It was so cool as there was a baby one! We were thinking along the same line with the owl names. So glad your week went well and you are happy!

  3. Hey you changed your it! Orange Beach sounds like a fun place!! Have a great week!

  4. Fun questions again this week and I enjoyed your answers. Dolphins are fun to see in the wild and I love how they follow the boats like they want to entertain. Have a good weekend!

  5. I was enthusiastic if not skilled tennis player back in the day. And I also have 80s stations programmed in the car. Best road trip music!

  6. Love your owl names, although they make me feel cold!

  7. We didn't live far from Dauphin Island, AL when I was a kid...loved the beautiful beaches there!

  8. We're going on one year in Alabama, and still haven't been to the coast. Your mention of the dolphins pretty well cements my determination to visit Orange Beach! Thank you for visiting, Lori ... and have a great new week!

  9. Great owl names! So glad for your son's good blood work. We never, ever stop being concerned for our children no matter how old they get. :o)) Hope you get that snow because I sure don't want any. :o)) Happy weekend!

  10. I love your owl names! My husband and I are heading to Orange Beach in a few weeks for about 10 days. We are taking our camper and spending time there. I have never been there so I am excited about going.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. I don't even want to think about the possible college era photos that are out there. Thankfully, that era is over with.

  12. I think we all like the songs we grew up with, my parents used to listen to Glenn Miller up until they passed away.

  13. Hi Lori! If you ever do make it down to Orange Beach for vacation again, we will definitely have to get together! I love 80s music, too. I have a really big playlist on Spotify of mainly 80s songs, but some 60s and 70s songs have found their way on there, too. I hope you get a snow day or two before spring comes. Personally, I am happy that I will never have to deal with snow again, but you can have all you want. ;) Have a happy week!


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