Monday, January 7, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme- Your Very First

1.   What was your very first job?  McDonald's, I was a counter worker and drive thru worker.  My friends all worked there too, so it was fun.  I was in high school.

2.   What was your very first car?  Ford Fairmont.  I couldn't find a picture that looked like the one I had, I drove it about a year and then I got a Chevy Cavalier.  I loved the Cavalier so much!

3.   When was your very first ride on an airplane, boat or train?  I live near a lake, so I was always on the lake as a kid in a boat.  I have only been on a train that takes you short distances...kind of a tourist train so you can see what it is like.  It is super expensive, so we have only been twice and I was in my early 30's.  I have never actually been up in an airplane.

4.   Who was your very first best friend & do you still talk?  My first best friend would be Britteny and while we are on facebook together, we are so different now than we were in happened in college.  We do not talk much at all.  



  1. Hi Lori,

    Fun post!! Have a blessed week. xxoxo

  2. I did this meme as well.
    MacDonalds had the clean as you go ethic and I use it at home.
    Funny how people change from high school isn't it?

  3. Interesting!! I know several folks who work/ed at McDonald's. Seems like a good company for first jobs!

  4. Hi Lori. I think I went to a McDonald's once years ago when my daughter stopped by one and ordered for my grandchildren by the window. I never went in or ate at one. Enjoyed reading your answers my friend.

  5. Great post! My first job was McDonald's too! That is actually the only job I was ever fired from also! Crazy!!! I had a horrible manager and she stole $20 out of my drawer and blamed me! One and only time I was fired! Life experiences!!! HA!

  6. I still love McDonald's! We have one half a mile from here. Sooooo good!


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