Friday, June 25, 2010

Molly to the vet

My class and lab were ok. I tried to get my focus child to do things on the checklist we have assigned and he is not really into it. I do not blame him at all. I need to see him do some things outside and we stayed in again.
Today I am taking Molly to the vet for her second appointment of three for her puppy shots. That is about all I have planned. I will be by to visit blogs this morning. Have a great Friday!!


Toni said...

Happy Friday Lori;

Most children find it hard to focus this time of year I guess. :) Hope Molly's Vet visit goes well. Have a lovely day my friend. Hugs

Dawn said...

Hi Lori..the pool pictures are great. We used to have the same type of pool. They are great! Hope Molly has a good visit with the reminds me I have to get my puppy Bella's visit set up for her spay. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

She Was Old Fashioned said...

Hi Lori,

I hope you your puppy does well with her shots. Mine do not. They are so tiny though 5 and 6 lbs. Effie is 5lbs and Edie is 6lbs.
My big project is building a website for my Crystal Suncatcher shop, it's so much work to move over every single item but the new shop is so fantastic and I am learning so many things. Perhaps in the future I can do that for a little extra money. I seem to be pretty good at doing the web stuff for some reason but I cannot figure out how to use my husbands remote that well and he does not understand why I can do the computer so well and I am dumb with the remote. LOL! I don't have a answer for him, but he is dumb with the computer LOL ha ha ha. Big hugs and have a great day and weekend.

She Was Old Fashioned said...

Lori, here is my old Shop so you can see the difference, the new shop is not ready yet,

Old Shop

New shop